My boyfriend eats his earwax and eye crusts: I’m grossed out but he won’t stop

Part of being in a relationship is getting over your partner’s quirks — but everyone has their limit.

One such frustrated woman took to the parenting forum Mumsnet to complain about her man’s gross, uh, eating habits — ones that include chomping on his own earwax and eating the “crusty bits” of his eyes when he wakes up.

“Anyone else’s partners eat their snot, ear wax and sleepies?” she asked on the platform. “Apologies in advance for using the word ‘sleepies’ — that’s just what I know it as (crusty bits in corner of eyes when wake up).”

She also questioned: “He thinks the fact I’m disgusted is unreasonable as most people do this and others don’t bat an eyelid. REALLY??”

The woman received a plethora of empathetic responses on her thread, with many commenters wholeheartedly validating her feelings of disgust.

A Mumsnet user discussed her predicament on the platform and was met with a medley of agreeable responses.
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“Beyond gross,” one person wrote. “Someone like that would not be a ‘partner.’ He’d do it once and be gone.”

Another repulsed reader replied: “I’ve never known anyone do this. Gross. What next…eating his poo?”

“Oh my gosh, nearly got sick, that is so disgusting. I actually wouldn’t be able to be with him, oh that’s so, so, so gross 😳,” a user interjected.

“I couldn’t kiss, let alone have sex, with a man that had been eating his own snot 🤮🤮 
Does it not grim you out?” someone wrote.

“Anyone else’s partners eat their snot, ear wax and sleepies?” a woman wondered into the digital abyss.
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Another person scribed ed: “Absolutely disgusting and not remotely normal. That would give me unrecoverable ick. When did you find this out?”

The woman later chimed into the comments and further elaborated on her situation.

“I’m so glad it’s not just me that finds it so disgusting! I have been quite repulsed can’t even bear the thought of kissing 🤮 ,” she savagely wrote.

She then questioned her partner’s level of normalcy and wondered why he would eat his own internal secretions as a tasty snack. “Why the hell does he think it’s so normal? I am actually wondering if I can get past this… as a PP suggested, what is he eating that I don’t know about 😱,” she said.