‘You are like Papa’ from ‘Stranger Things’ becomes TikTok trend

A line from an earlier season of “Stranger Things” has become a funny new TikTok trend.

In Season 2, Episode 5, there is a scene in which Hopper (David Harbour) is yelling at Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) because she broke out of their shared cabin in the woods — where she had been hiding to avoid getting dragged back to Hawkins Lab.

Hopper grounded Eleven once she came back, including not allowing her to watch TV anymore or eat her favorite food, Eggo waffles.

“You’ve got to understand that there are consequences to your actions,” he told her.

Eleven’s anger got the best of her and she shouted back, “You are like Papa!”

Papa refers to Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, who is the director of Hawkins Lab and ran multiple experiments on children with abilities like Eleven. He told the children to call him “Papa.”

Eleven yelled at Hopper saying, “You are like Papa!”

This scene has been played over various TikToks as an expression of denial.

For example, Eden or @edenkyonas on TikTok used it against text on the screen that read, “my bank account: just bc TJ maxx is cheap does not mean you can go there every week.” 

She then lip-syncs Eleven’s part to display her denial because she does in fact continue to shop there every week.

The quote has been used to describe guilty pleasures like shopping with no money.

But it doesn’t just have to be with shopping.

Nicolas or @nicolasflopman made one regarding “the consequences” of his night owl actions. The text across the screen read “staying up late means waking up late” and just like Eden he also replied with “You are like Papa.”

People use the quote to justify actions they know they shouldn’t do.

It works with any guilty pleasure, almost like a reenactment of the angel and devil on your shoulder. 

Despite the quote being 4 years old, 42,000 videos have since been made using this line.