The colors you see in this optical illusion could expose your IQ

Never sphere, another tricky illusion is here.

Reddit users are left very confused about what colors these spheres are. 

The image shows 12 circles against a backdrop that looks pretty similar to a TV screen when standing too close.

You might think you know what colors they all are, but think again.

If you are able to figure it out in under five seconds, it could be a sign of high intelligence, according to The Sun.

[Warning: Spoilers Below]

Before giving away the answer here’s a hint: zoom in on the spheres.

Give up? 

Although the circles appear to be red, blue and green just like the stripes, if you ignore the stripes and just look at the spheres side-by-side, you can see that they are all the exact same shade of beige.

This conclusion blew Reddit users away.

“It’s so weird how just the presence of nearby colors causes you to perceive things differently,” one person commented

“I did not believe it until I zoomed in and they are all indeed beige. The red ones seem to have a bit of a tint but are still beige. That’s really cool!” said another.

However, some people were more confused than amused.

“Oh man what the f–k my brain hurts,” said one commenter.

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