Sanfic Industria Series Lab Highlights Titles from Fernando Epstein, Laura Farhi, Paola Teran (EXCLUSIVE)

Opening up to works from over the whole of Latin America, this year’s Sanfic Industria Series Lab will highlight series currently in development from Uruguay’s Fernando Epstein, Argentina’s Laura Farhi and Peru’s Paola Terán.

Epstein’s “The Invisible Ink” proved one of the big winners at June’s Conecta Fiction, marking the first TV work from the renowned Uruguayan film producer (“Whisky,” ”Gigante”).

Penned by Farhi, a writer on “Soy Tu Fan,” “Soy Luna” and “Intertwined,” “The Big Leap” won the Filmarket Hub 2022 International TV Pilots Contest.

Terán, an assistant editor on Diego and Daniel Vega’s Locarno Fest winning “El Mudo,” will direct “Nobody Rests At Home.”

The eight works selected for this year’s Series Lab will be announced during a PUC Film Festival Lima press conference on Monday.

Agustina Lumi and Alejandra Marano co-ordinate the Sanfic Series Lab. 2022’s hybrid edition of Sanfic Industria runs over Aug. 11-19 in Santiago, Chile.

The touted initiatives from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will participate in laboratories in Lima before moving on to Santiago, where they’ll team with mentors ahead of their pitch sessions.

“Series Lab continues to grow and, in this third edition, it’s proposed as a space for projects from all over Latin America with a selection of series in development from five countries, varied in genres and formats, – which we trust reflects the demand and needs of international players,” said Lumi and Marano.

They added: “Thanks to the alliance with the Lima International Film Festival, working side-by-side with our colleague Joanna Lombardi, we have expanded our project acceleration platform to include training and training sessions with experts within the framework of this outstanding Peruvian event. Undoubtedly, this is a challenging year for a space that’s here to stay.”

A brief drill-down on the projects:

“Adolf: My Grandfather” (“Mi Abuelo Adolf”)

Chile. Director: Raimundo Bastidas Producer: Cubho Audiovisual

A down-on-his-luck convenience store clerk is motivated to change his narrative when the dark yet unconfirmed family secret that his grandfather was Adolf Hitler reveals itself. Project is an early title from Cubho, a director-first social issue production house headed by Bástidas, Nicholas Hooper and Pablo Cuturrufo.

“Nobody Rests At Home”(“Aquí Nadie Descansa”) 

Perú. Director: Paola Teran Nieves Producer: Quantico Films

Strenuous family dynamics and the spirit of a long-passed loved one keep the Fernández family on their toes. Their singular and peculiar circumstances collide with interpersonal strife as they navigate close quarters. Set up at the Peruvian office of Quantico Films, a boutique production operation with other offices in Miami, Mexico City and Bogotá.

“The Big Leap” (“El Gran Salto”)

Argentina. Creator: Laura Farhi

Competitive gymnast, Emma, takes on the projected frustration of her mother when she’s forced to compete against her best friend turned crush. Breaking free from the pressures that previously defined her, she’ll set out to become the woman she yearns to be, no matter the cost.

“The Big Leap” Credit: Laura Farhi

“Dry Winters Come” (Vienen Inviernos Secos”) 

Chile. Director Cristóbal Pizarro Producer: GatoPerro Films.

The ancient societies of a Chilean island in Tierra Del Fuego are about to learn that the delicate balance of the land can easily be disturbed when outsiders find their way in. Travellers from all walks of life converge on the scene, their tales mingling as each story unfolds. Produced by GatoPerro Films, based in Concepción, southern Chile.

“Shifting Times” (“Tiempos Mutantes”)

Colombia, England. Directors: Juan Rueda & Pablo Flehner Producer: Akira Cine

In tandem with one of the most violent and chaotic times in Colombia’s history, this on-the-road series follows an aspiring and lovelorn British music producer fed up with London living who decides to travel to Colombia in the ‘90s and immerse himself in its underground music scene.

“Shifting Times” Credit: Akira Cine

“Addicts” (“Adictos”)

Peru. Director: Bruno Rosina Producer: Papito Lindo Films

After a night of drugs and drink, Sergio gets into an accident that leaves his best friend in a coma. To avoid jail, he’s remanded to a rehab center in the middle of nowhere and gets the news that his friend will be taken off life support. Determined to say his last goodbyes, he enlists a group of unlikely allies to plan a grand escape. A story of tight-knit bonds, introspection and freedom that conjures a laugh or two along the way. Inspired by Rosina’s stage play.

“The Invisible Ink” (“La Tinta Invisible”) 

Uruguay. Producer: Mutante Cine

An Uruguayan anarchist abroad in Belgium receives an ominous letter that suggests his family’s in danger. He sets out to face those who’ve believed him dead.

“God Level” (“Nivel Dios”) 

Colombia. Producer: Heroes Films

Carlos and his younger brother Ronald share a strong connection and love of hip-hop music. This closeness is essential as they decide to defy their strict and conventional upbringing and follow a more carefree life that includes improvised rap battles, allowing them a mutual escape from the rigorous trappings of a 9-5.

Nivel Dios Credit: Heroes Films

John Hopewell contributed to this article.