Spot the optical illusion daisy in 25 seconds to rank in the top 0.1%

What better way to celebrate blazing dog days of summer than with a seasonally themed brain teaser?

In honor of the totally-not-made-up annual holiday “National Picnic Day,” global pottery company Portmeirion invites visual puzzle entusiasts to an al fresco dining situation where they are challenged with spotting a daisy.  

You’ll be looking at an image of a red and white checked picnic blanket among an assortment of baskets and typical picnic food such as fruits and sandwiches. 

Because this is an upscale, proper British picnic. there are also hunks of artisan cheese and dainty tea pots. The teapots just so happen to look very similar to one that can be found on the UK-based Portmeirion website, along with the plates.

Be warned: This particular brain teaser can be tricky thanks to the busy gingham background on the blanket.

[Warning: spoilers below]

Can you spot the hidden daisy?

If you can find the daisy in under 25 seconds, you’ll be in the top 0.1%, according to The Sun. OK, set your timers: Ready, set, go!

Here’s a hint, it can be found on the right side of the image.

Still struggling? Scroll down for the big reveal.

More specifically the daisy can be found in the lower right corner of the picture.

If you’re looking for more tricky puzzles, viewers on TikTok loved this one inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo where you need to find 25 animals in under two minutes.

Thankfully, Portmeirion provided an answer key.

Viewers can also test their eyes with this wedding dress illusion that is described as a ‘Rorschach test.’