Paris’ iconic Moulin Rouge windmill becomes $1 Airbnb for lucky lovers

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir in this sultry Paris landmark that will soon open to the public for guest stays?

For just $1 per night, you can stay inside the famed Moulin Rouge windmill — which will be available to rent for the first time in history.

Located on the edge of the tourist-favorite Montmartre neighborhood near Pigalle, the cabaret (whose name in English translates to Red Mill) is considered the home of the French can-can — a number that became a popular music-hall dance in the 1840s.

According to the Airbnb listing, “guests will experience a peek behind the velvet curtains of the fabled landmark, including backstage access to the theater, a traditional French three-course meal, the best seats during the Moulin Rouge’s acclaimed show Féerie and an overnight stay inside the iconic windmill.”

But if the crazy low price of just a buck to stay in one of the world’s most iconic properties sounds too good to be true that’s because it is. Only three individual one-night stays on June 13, 20 and 27 are available and potential guests can beginning requestng a spot on Tuesday, May 17.

Those who get one will be in for a treat. Airbnb worked with the 19th-century French historian, Jean-Claude Yon, who took a month to renovate the windmill to exactly as it would have been, according to a press release.

It even comes with a secret room, which “brings to life the art and romance of the Belle Époque era for an experience through time.”

The windmill is now available on Airbnb for $1 per night.
Daniel Alexander Harris/Newsflash
The bedroom.
Daniel Alexander Harris/Newsflash

“The Belle Époque era was a time when French culture and arts flourished – and no landmark is more iconic to that period than the Moulin Rouge,” Yon, who specializes in French cultural and social history, said in the release. “This secret room inside the cabaret’s famous windmill has been designed to take you on an authentic journey back in time to experience the French capital of arts and pleasures during a moment in history.”

Features include sexy boudoir stuffed with art nouveau design; a dressing area that includes vintage costumes, fragrant perfumes and letters from admirers; and a private rooftop terrace adorned with an ornate pagoda and garden.

A secret room inside the windmill of the Moulin Rouge brings to life the art and romance of the Belle Époque era for an experience through time.
Daniel Alexander Harris/Newsflash
The private rooftop.
Daniel Alexander Harris/Newsflash

“The windmill was erected in 1889 as a tribute to Montmartre’s rural origins before being rebuilt three decades later after a fire,” Claudine Van Den Bergh, a dancer in the play Féerie, said.

“The bedroom — which has been a closely-guarded secret up to now — recreates all the romanticism of the Belle Époque, inviting guests to travel back through history and time,” the release added.