Jennifer Grey says ex Johnny Depp was ‘crazy jealous’ during ‘bonfire’ affair

Jennifer Grey has dropped yet another bombshell about her fiery relationship with ex-fiancé Johnny Depp in her new memoir “Out of the Corner,” out Tuesday.

The enduring “Dirty Dancing” legend is revealing how things took a dark turn after her agent set her up on a blind date with the hot “Cry-Baby” actor in 1989, when he was 26 and she was 29.

The pair became engaged just two weeks after meeting that year, she claimed.

Of their first date, Grey, 62, penned: “We ate, talked, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed our asses off, took cigarette breaks midcourse. He was so ridiculously beautiful. And surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet.”

The lovebirds even got a Pekingese-poodle puppy named Lulu. “She was our practice baby and someone to keep me company when Johnny was out of town,” Grey wrote, according to an excerpt obtained by the Independent.

Depp, 58, is currently embroiled in a high-profile defamation suit against 36-year-old ex-wife Amber Heard — but Grey now claims that isn’t his first brush with relationship drama.

The “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” scene-stealer then described how Depp’s behavior became erratic during their time together: “Johnny was commuting every week back and forth from Vancouver, but had begun more and more regularly to be getting into trouble: fights in bars, skirmishes with cops.”

“He’d started missing his flights home to LA having overslept or, when he did come home, he’d be crazy jealous and paranoid about what I’d been up to while he was gone,” the mother of one continued. “I attributed his ill temper and unhappiness to him feeling miserable and powerless to get off [the TV series] ’21 Jump Street.’ ”

Reps for Depp have not responded to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Grey previously revealed ahead of her tell-all book’s release that “there was some heat” in her relationship with Depp.

“It was a f – – king bonfire,” Grey said. “It was literally like, ‘Are you f – – king kidding me? Are you f – – king kidding me? I’ve never seen a guy like this.’ ”

Jennifer Grey has called her late-’80s relationship with Johnny Depp a “f – – king bonfire.”
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She continued, “And energetically, what it was like being with him, it was like, ‘Oh, I’m being totally, totally compensated for the s – – t I just went through.’”

The eventual “Edward Scissorhands” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” icon began dating Grey shortly after she broke up with Matthew Broderick.

She started seeing Broderick, 60, in 1985 while filming “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” The couple were dating semisecretly at the time — until they were involved in a car crash in Northern Ireland two years later. During the tragic accident, two people were killed while the actors were injured.

Depp proposed to Grey just two weeks after their first meeting in 1989.
“There was some very, very heavy stuff that went down that changed my life forever and there was no one to blame,” she said.
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Grey reflected on the accident and how the moment influenced the course of her life. “There was some very, very heavy stuff that went down that changed my life forever and there was no one to blame,” she said. “It was a pure and simple accident that was tragic. And it had very serious traumatic lasting effects on, I’m sure, Matthew and the family of the other women and me.”