First Look Image of Nikki Amuka-Bird in Survival Thriller ‘Jericho Ridge’ (EXCLUSIVE)

First look images have been unveiled of Nikki Amuka-Bird in upcoming survival thriller “Jericho Ridge.”

The film tells the story of North Washington county sheriff Tabby (Amuka-Bird), who finds herself alone in the sheriff’s office one night while her colleagues are out on patrol. But she soon finds out they’ve been set up by a murderous drug cartel while she herself comes under siege at the office, where she must battle desperately to save herself and her son.

Amuka-Bird is best-known for “Jupiter Ascending” and “Old.” She recently wrapped on an adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” alongside Dakota Johnson.

Courtesy of Jericho Ridge

In first stills from “Jericho Ridge,” which has been shooting in Kosovo (subbing for North Washington), Amuka-Bird can be seen in her deputy sheriff’s uniform pointing a gun (above) while “This is England” star Michael Socha, who plays redneck crook Earl Macready, can be seen in another shot (below) also brandishing a pistol, his gold tooth glinting in the light.

Courtesy of Jericho Ridge

Solly McLeod (“Boxing Day”) co-stars as a cop.

“Jericho Ridge” is directed by Will Gilbey (“A Lonely Place to Die”) with Ruairi O’Brien (“Line of Duty,” “Vigil”) on board as director of photography.

“’Jericho Ridge’ is a claustrophobic, action-packed, thriller viewed through the lens of a failing relationship between a mother and errant teenage son,” Gilbey tells Variety. “Nikki Amuka-Bird, playing the lead role of sheriff’s deputy Tabby Temple was a genuine revelation. She arrived in Kosovo with a deep understanding of and connection to her character that I’d never dreamed would be possible.”

“Her commitment to the role and her unwavering enthusiasm and energy in the face of an extremely physically demanding shoot was nothing short of incredible,” he continued. “I’m still in awe of the whole cast, and the mostly local crew, who endured temperatures reaching -16 celsius [3.2 Fahrenheit] without batting so much as an eyelid. I will always be grateful to their unswerving commitment to this film, which explores themes of trust, parenthood and isolation. It’s an exciting time to be making genre films. Audiences are clamouring for original, passionate filmmaking. Jericho Ridge hooks you in and doesn’t let go. There’s no respite for these characters, no easy choices; just ninety minutes of breathless, adrenaline-pumping cinema.”

“Jericho Ridge” is co-financed by Silver Lining Productions and DLNQNT, with DLNQNT’s Alex Tate (“Hope Gap”) and Harvey Ascott (“Shok”) producing alongside Besnik Krapi.
In Plain Sight Group’s Mark O’Sullivan (“Absent”) and Richard Caleel exec produce.

Nikki Amuka-Bird is represented by Accelerate, Greene & Associates Talent Agency and Multitude Media. Michael Socha is represented by The Artist Partnership and Link Entertainment. Solly McLeod is represented by The Artists Partnership, CAA and The Unseen.