Madonna’s zodiac sign unveils origin of the Queen of Pop’s power

There is only one Queen of Pop: Madonna.

A visionary with no equal, known for her constant reinvention, ever-changing look that has been called out of this world and a little “Alien” at times, hit singles and never-ending courage to push the envelope, she has maintained the status as one of the most successful artists in history.

Her career spans four decades (although she refuses to grow older) and during that time she has pioneered her way worldwide as an icon in fashion, in music and on screen. However, her legacy is not only felt in pop culture. She has also rallied for social activism, equal rights in politics and raised awareness about how the media portrays women.

With a new biopic that will spotlight her life in the works, Madonna is one of the greatest living legends in modern human history. Unafraid to live life unapologetically— as well as date whomever she pleases while still unlucky in love —the icon has even more plans for where she’d like to go next! So was Madonna cosmically chosen or did she create her destiny?

What lies ahead for the powerhouse in life, on Instagram and beyond? Join me as we take a deep dive into our Queen because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Madonna’s birth chart reveals what makes her so iconic.
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Madonna’s birth chart shows she was built with unending stamina

Madonna was born on August 16, 1958. This makes her a creative Leo Sun with a precise Virgo Moon. Her birth time hasn’t been confirmed anywhere online, so until she reaches out directly (get at me, Queen!), let’s instead focus on what we do know exactly. When it comes to elements that she is composed of, she is very prominently focused around Earth and Fire energy. This helps her to channel her passion into tangible, real-world results while strategically thinking for the long-term.

She hungers for stability and security by harnessing her gifts. Madonna is one of the hardest working people alive, with a very sharp and critical eye that helps her to understand the nuances of her craft, the industry, the media and other people. Her attention to detail is second-to-none. While it is clear she has immensely high standards, when you’re the Queen, why settle for less? However, this stubbornness and inflexibility is actually a strength—giving her authority and confidence to demand what she wants and throw herself into whatever she sets her mind upon. Failure, to Madonna, is not and never will be an option.

Upon deeper review of her natal chart, the themes of strength, perseverance and focus are at a level few other people I have ever seen possess. She has immeasurable resources of passion and tenacity that she can draw upon, especially with her Sun, ruling her life force, in a gorgeous link to Saturn, the planet of permanence and longevity. Her strength of will can—and has—changed the world, bringing her a determination to not only rise but to create an empire. Her Moon, ruling her inner emotional life, also dances with Mars, the planet of courage. She gets straight to the point—and always has—and has a strong control on her energy levels, passions and sense of balance. In many regards, Madonna is the unstoppable force as well as the immovable object.

Her Sun also stares upon Mars, giving her immense physical vitality. She can certainly be fiery and intense—but with as many goals and desires that she possesses, this has aided her in asserting herself, standing up for what she believes in and stirring the pot for a bit of controversy, all the while laughing to herself as she makes her way to the bank. While she certainly has extremely powerful emotions, which she has learned to temper with age, her intellectualism and mind have been able to help her keep reigns upon it all.

Madonna has always been cosmically blessed.
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Madonna’s birth chart shows she was born to be a leader

But then: there’s more! So many links in her chart speak of executive abilities and stepping up as a leader—especially with her Sun smiling upon Jupiter. This brings her tremendous levels of energy, a spiritual nature as well as the vision and grace to act as a ruler. Fortune has always followed her in life, as well as being in the right place at the right time, but the fact that she capitalizes on it with her immense perseverance makes her all the more successful and lucky.

Yet, the way that her planets dance also shows that she was chosen to be a nonconformist, to break chains and to look toward the future—for herself and for the world. She is immensely tapped into the energies of the human collective and linked on a spiritual level—able to listen, understand and then intuitively know how to act. Her Neptune syncs with Pluto, as well as her Mars ties to Uranus. She has immensely high ideals and a fighting, pioneering free spirit. Last to mention is how her Jupiter is united with Neptune—bringing her an imagination and compassion to be a leader who creates a better world.

Madonna is going through a very significant period in her lifetime as the stars shift and change.

What are predictions for Madonna?

So when you rule the world, where else can you go? Madonna is at that turning point in a lot of ways. While 2022 and the first half of 2023 could be a bit rocky for the icon because Saturn, which rules challenges and life lessons, stands across the sky from her Sun, this is not something she has never faced before.

This could test her energy levels and bring some extremely tough choices for her to face as she learns once again the riddles of the Universe—emotionally, mentally and physically. This turning point looks to also be triggered by the powerful eclipses that will take place in 2022 and 2023—which, from her solar chart, show destined shifts around her career and home life. She’ll have big moments to hit new heights with some major professional announcements, but she will also likely feel the need to move around and potentially relocate (or at the very least, make some big changes around real estate), as well.

Another area of significant focus will be exciting new endeavors around media and communication-related projects which will help her to broadcast very important ideals that she holds very close to her heart. Her financial empire will continue to proliferate—but when you’re a ‘Material Girl’ living in a material world, that’s just what she does best. You heard it here first.

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