English-Language Film, TV Adaptations of ‘The Memory Lost in Space,’ From Chinese Novelist Tong Hua Hatched at Stars Collective (EXCLUSIVE)

Peter Luo’s Stars Collective has optioned the rights to acclaimed Chinese novelist and screenwriter Tong Hua’s best-selling sci-fi fantasy novel series “The Memory Lost in Space” and will adapt the story into both an English language television series and feature film.

A story told over four book installments, the first of which debuted in 2017, “The Memory Lost in Space” is set in the distant future, with humans forced into an exodus to the edge of the galaxy after the depletion and destruction of Earth’s energy and habitat. Humans resort to genetic modification to stay strong but this creates new diseases and conflict between pure-breeds and those modified.

In China, the novels have been top sellers and sparked huge volume of online commentary, some 120 million views on microblogging site Weibo.

Stars Collective will utilize blockchain to develop, produce and manage this project. The company will release “The Memory Lost in Space” NFTs and its own tokens that will be used in every physical product relating to the project. This may include three films, a TV show, VR gaming and a real-world theme park.

Tong Hua has written more than eight novels, many in the romance genre, which have enjoyed huge success in Chinese and in translation in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Nearly all have been adapted for film or TV. They include HBS’s 2011 “Scarlet Heart,” based on the novel of the same name; HBS’s 2014 “Sound of the Desert” (based on “Ballad of the Desert”), 2014, HBS (China), Korean channel SBS’s 2016 adaptation of “Scarlet Heart”; Dragon TV’s 2017 “A Lifetime Love,” based on “Once Promised”; and HBS’s “The Starry Night, The Starry Sea.”

After years in which the genre was neglected, Chinese authors and filmmakers are now rising forces in sci-fi. The film adaptation of Liu Cixin’s “The Wandering Earth” was a smash hit. Liu’s series of books is now being adapted as long-form series in both China and for Netflix’s global audience.

A sister company of China’s Starlight Entertainment, Stars Collective launched in 2020 to support emerging filmmakers. It is now dedicated to adding NFTs and related Metaverse technologies.

Luo said: “The incredible popularity and commercial success of Tong Hua’s ‘The Memory Lost in Space’ speaks to the power of masterful storytelling. It is clear this story resonates with the masses and has rare four quadrant appeal. For this reason we are committing to both film and television adaptations for the global market.”

Stars Collective is in post-production on “Jamojaya,” by Justin Chon (“Gook”) and starring music artist Rich Brian. Stars Collective produced the film with 88rising. The movie marks the first of three projects that Stars Collective expects to produce this year.

Stars Collective also acquired the rights to the Thomas Mendolia directed horror short, “Mr. This for that,” and is developing and producing a feature adaptation that Mendolia will direct.