XTR Acquires New Production Studio Space in Echo Park With Post-Production Facilities

XTR, the award-winning nonfiction company behind “They Call Me Magic” on Apple TV Plus and the Oscar-nominated “Ascension,” announced its acquisition of a 30,000 square-foot studio located off Sunset Boulevard in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, just west of downtown.

The new XTR Studios space includes production and post-production facilities, a sound stage, recording studio and offices. The acquisition represents a key milestone for the documentary industry as audience growth and business catch up to narrative.

“This is an incredible time for documentaries where there is more demand than ever before. Having our own facilities will allow us to meet this moment,” said Bryn Mooser, XTR CEO and founder. “Most importantly, we are excited to build a center for creative excellence and an independent home for filmmakers and artists that inspires them and supports them to make their best work.”

Speaking with Variety, Mooser adds that streaming services have helped non-fiction narratives reach global audiences at scale. “It’s significant because that means you have a business. [In the past], our industry always struggled with the distribution.  Audiences never really had access to documentaries before, and you would have to go to a movie theater or a film festival.”

With the expansion of streaming platforms available, and non-fiction entertainment experiencing major growth, Mooser saw an opportunity to build a studio that was built for this moment.

And why L.A.? Mooser proudly declares himself a native Angeleno. He says, “California is a place where if you come out here with a big dream, and you work hard enough and you don’t give up, you will succeed in this industry. It’s uniquely California, and something that’s built into the history. He adds, “With L.A. in particular, this is a town that was built on the entertainment industry, telling stories and making movies.”

The growth of XTR Studios continues the trend of major media and entertainment companies investing in production facilities around the world. XTR now joins Sony, HBO, Warner Bros., Lionsgate and others in expanding their production footprint to increase the output of new content and cement in-house capabilities.

XTR Studios will also serve as the headquarters of Documentary+, the company’s fast-growing platform now available in 80 million homes.