Pete Davidson’s new movie is a bloody horror show: ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

Has the “King of Staten Island” turned slasher?

Audiences won’t know Pete Davidson’s true intentions in the upcoming Gen Z horror-comedy film “Bodies Bodies Bodies” until Aug. 5 — but its first trailer gives a pretty clear glimpse at the role Kim Kardashian’s boo will play.

The A24 film — helmed by actress-turned-director Halina Reijn — follows “a group of rich 20-somethings” throwing a party at a remote mansion during a hurricane where — of course — they have no cell service and play “bodies bodies bodies,” a pseudo murderous party game that turns deadly.

But unlike a typical slasher flick, this trailer is filled with microaggressions, triggering language, and pharmaceutical drugs along with Davidson truly being himself as a psychotic murderer runs free.

“That would be so f – – king obvious if I were the killer,” Davidson, who plays David, says in the trailer, later going on to explain his value to the group during the crisis.

“Well I just look like I f – – k, you know what I mean? I look like I f – – k and that’s the vibe I like to put out there,” he so elegantly says.

Pete Davidson seems to be playing a role close to his personality in “Bodies Bodies Bodies.”
Davidson finds himself among a murderer and passive aggressive Gen Zers in a new horror comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies.”

But Davidson is only one of the many “backstabbing, fake friends” — played by fellow stars Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott and Lee Pace — who too are suspected of murder in the Gen Zers’ safe space.

Instead of working together to catch the killer, these privileged pals do something many in their generation view as worse than murder — use insensitive language.

“You’re always gaslighting me.” “You f – – king trigger me.” “You are so toxic.” “You’re silencing me!” They scream bloody murder at each other in the trailer.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” will also feature a new Charli XCX song, “Hot Girl.”