John Cena’s birth chart: BDE is powered by the strength of a Taurus bull

Professional wrestler. Former rapper. And now headlining as a DC superhero. Yes, his name is John Cena!

With an extensive career that has taken him in a few different directions, Cena’s ambition to rise to the top has catapulted him to global success. Known as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time with more muscles than probably even God, Cena conquered the arena and the world’s hearts! As his career led him to major franchises like the “Fast and the Furious” and DC Comic’s “The Suicide Squad,” he has even begun headlining his own series “Peacemaker” to rave reviews.

Yet with a fantastic career sure to continue to rise, the superstar has even found ways to settle down with wife Shay Shariatzadeh kid free! So did the universe naturally endow Cena with the, uh, full package or did he instead face life lessons that pushed him to fight his way to be the dom?

Let’s just say Cena has a big, thick swole birth chart, too, in case you were wondering. Join me as we peer into his life because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

John Cena is a strong Taurus Sun.
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John Cena’s birth chart shows his youth forged him into steel

John Cena was born on April 23, 1977. This makes him a sturdy Taurus Sun with a witty Gemini Moon. His birth time is listed online which would make him a softie Cancer Ascendant, but I often find that when I work with celebrities in person they give me different information altogether, so we’ll focus predominantly on what we do—in fact—know (get at me, Cena!). When focusing on his elemental energy, his birth chart has a significant amount of emotional Water vibes, followed by Air.

This shows that inherently, despite his presentation to the world, Cena is a guy who likes to relate to others as best as he can. His personal relationships are paramount to him—and much of this actually is because of his youth. His Mars, the planet of physical strength and masculinity, spins in his Midheaven, revealing that this is crucial for his career. Venus, surprisingly, is there, as well, which gives him his theatrical edge and enjoyment around art, costumes and performing.

John Cena was always meant for big things.
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Yet, when I peer into key characteristics that present themselves in his psychological make-up, a great degree of them reference trauma and a sense that he has had to fight back to prove himself throughout his life. There are two types of people in this world: those that experience challenges and are broken down by them and then those who use that pain as power. Cena is the latter. His Sun is united with the asteroid Chiron, known as “the Wounded Healer,” which can show abuse or disregard early in life that caused him to say: “enough is enough, if I am strong, then no one can hurt me.”

This is a deeply sensitive area to illuminate, but it has given him immense courage to push himself up every single time. His Moon, ruling his emotions, clashes with Mars, revealing that he has felt heavily influenced by external situations that affected his sense of security and rather than just facing each difficult feeling, he found a rebellious and combative streak, instead. Saturn, the planet of challenges, clashes with Uranus, the planet of chaos, in an exact degree in his sky, too, bringing him a consistent knee-jerk approach to control by domination: the moment it happened to him, he’d break something down or stand up for himself because authority often tried to keep him down.

This forged him into an eccentric, revolutionary individual who has broke the mold at every turn. This pain, as I mentioned, brought him his greatest ability to be far more than anyone ever expected of him. With Pluto also clashing with his Ascendant, he has fought long and hard to be admired and recognized and has understood that in order to get that, he has had to transform himself, mind, body and soul.

After all of this, though, the best part about his chart is that it also shows that he was born with innate abilities for humor, charm and performance, and underneath it all, he is ultimately very kind, balanced and reserved. The practicality he utilized to capitalize on all of these resources of talent and vision—as well as prove himself time and again—has led him to where he now stands.

John Cena has exciting years ahead.

What are predictions for John Cena?

So what lies ahead for Mr. Cena? Both personal and professional success are guaranteed.

Let’s first start with where the planets are moving for him. Jupiter, the planet of miracles and expansion, has been spinning and will continue to spin in his arena of glory and fame, catapulting him to applause. More media projects are guaranteed—some that may run with multiple seasons and help him establish his legacy—and this energy first crystallized in 2021 and will also echo out over the coming decade. Creatively, he’ll feel more fired up in 2023 and 2024, but for now, he’s reveling in what he has created.

On a personal level, he is experiencing powerful eclipses in his Sun sign and opposing sign, showing he’s about to witness destined moments around his power, life purpose and aspirations. Many lifelong hopes and dreams are all coming to manifestation for him, and his love life will also share in the beauty of that energy. While I do think towards the end of the decade, he will make some sharp decisions about what is and isn’t working for him—as well as what he’d like to do on the next chapter of his career—he has many bright, sunny skies ahead him until then. You heard it here first.

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