Piers Morgan slams Trump, jokingly ‘storms off’ in British TV return

Piers Morgan made his long-awaited return to British TV this morning, appearing on ITV’s morning chat show “Lorraine.”

Morgan discussed a range of topics with host Lorraine Kelly – from his explosive interview with Donald Trump to his firm stance on trans athletes in women’s sports.

It was the first time in over a year that Morgan has appeared on ITV daytime since his very abrupt exit from Good Morning Britain.

While his heated chat with Donald Trump has yet to be aired, the former president blasted Morgan as “very dishonest” while walking out of the interview in a recently-shared promo clip.

Trump stormed out of the room after being pressed on his claims that he lost the 2020 presidential election due to voter fraud.

“We had a very heated debate about his repeated claim that he didn’t lose the last election,” said Morgan, who described himself as “a very frustrated liberal.”

“He has concocted a story with no evidence so far, that it was all fraudulent,” he added.

However, Morgan’s heated debate did come with repercussions. Soon after airing the promo clip of his interview with Trump, outspoken republican and hopeful politician, Caitlyn Jenner, was quick to pull the plug on her appearance on Morgan’s new show.

“She [Jenner] has now read the statement from Donald Trump saying this is a rigged promo, and called me ‘repulsive’ and canceled the interview,” Morgan added.

Over on Twitter, Jenner announced that she will no longer be appearing on Morgan’s new show, tweeting, “@piersmorgan I have just had my management cancel my appearance with you for this Wednesday because of your repulsive misconduct today.”

Morgan discussed a range of topics with host Lorraine Kelly.

Also during his brief stint on “Lorraine,” Morgan blasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over the way they have handled their departure from the royal family.

“I think most British people now share my view about Meghan Markle, and indeed Prince Harry, whose behavior continues to be utterly deplorable,” Morgan said.

Morgan went on to slam Harry’s “ludicrous statement” that he’s “protecting” the Queen. “All he’s done is make the Queen’s life a misery,” he added.

“I think they want to create a rival renegade royal family, the two of them and their kids,” the former Good Morning Britain host added.

Morgan quit the morning show, which he co-hosted since 2015, after bosses called for him to apologize for remarks he made about Markle.

When asked if he has any regrets about leaving the show, Morgan, who blasted the “woke mob” for getting him “canceled,” said, “I only regret that ITV tried to make me apologize for something that I genuinely believed… I didn’t believe [Meghan] then, I don’t believe her now.”

Lorraine then attempted to shift the focus onto the TV regulator Ofcom’s ruling, which vindicated ITV following a record number of complaints made about his remarks.

“They said it was a chilling infringement on my free speech,” Morgan added. “I didn’t want to leave… I was told to apologize.”

After his infamous onscreen meltdown last year, which saw him storm out of the ITV studio after an on-air spat with weatherman Alex Beresford, Morgan claimed he only left because he “chose not to stay listening to that idiot”, referring to Beresford.

In true Morgan fashion, he jokingly stormed out of the studio after concluding his interview with Lorraine.