Lindsay Lohan’s birth chart: She’s still America’s favorite ‘mean girl’

Everyone’s favorite “Mean Girl” has found love — and we couldn’t be happier for her! Even if it’s not Wednesday, we all want to wear pink!

Lindsay Lohan, 35, has had a wild life thus far, skyrocketing to epic levels of fame since her debut as a child. While she’s been under immense scrutiny by the media for her apparent lavish lifestyle and flurry of exes, the star has found a way to take a step back from the world in recent years to focus on personal growth and living a life that will make her truly happy.

With a highly anticipated new multimillion dollar deal inked with Netflix and new podcast set to launch, as well as an exciting engagement with American financier Bader Shammas, Lohan’s future looks to be bright once again. The actress, who has been living a seemingly happy and paparazzi-free life in Dubai since 2018, has taken the next step with her boyfriend of nearly three years.

Lohan — who has been no stranger to controversy, scandals or fluid romantic relationshipspreviously went on the record to say that she was hoping to find true love when it was meant to happen with someone who is extremely private and not in the eyes of the public. Happily, the A-lister has gotten her wish. But when she asked the universe to bring her love “when it was supposed to happen,” she should’ve just hollered at me because I do celebrity love readings and am damn good at them.

Let’s dive into Lohan’s astrolo-tea!

Lindsay Lohan’s Cancer Sun makes her especially sensitive, deeply empathic and a genuinely caring human being.
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Lindsay Lohan’s birth chart shows she’s on a lifelong journey to find herself

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986. That makes her a Cancer Sun with a Taurus Moon. I, along with every other millennial, have always been so curious about what made her such a wild child. But upon diving into her birth chart — I see the truth. And TBH, I really relate to and feel bad for her.

First off, we can see that Lohan’s Cancer Sun makes her especially sensitive, deeply empathic and a genuinely caring human being. She likes to help people out whenever she can and often takes on a maternal role — whether that’s catering a dinner or throwing a raging party. Starting her Greek Beach Club isn’t a shock to me; in fact, with her Taurus Moon, it makes all the more sense. She likes to make things happen, hopefully help people enjoy a hint of luxury — and then turn it into a business venture.

Most of her chart is in fire signs, giving her tremendous passion, creativity and a hunger for life (I’m obsessed!). With her Jupiter in Pisces, she has an inner spiritual life that inspires her and gives her the ability to step into the unknown without fear. Upon looking at all of these factors, I suddenly had this “a-ha!” moment where I realized that if most people were thrust into a place of such tremendous fame and luxury, they’d want to give it a whirl and see what life had to offer, too. (You’re a liar if you’re saying you wouldn’t.) But then under the intense scrutiny of the public and paparazzi who were following her every move, it destroyed a girl who ultimately just wanted to live her life and have a good time with the people she loved.

Most of Lindsay Lohan’s chart is in fire signs, giving her tremendous passion, creativity and a hunger for life
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When I was in my college years, I threw a ton of parties at my apartment, upscale clubs and venues where I played the role of ringleader and caretaker. And I had dramatic, heartbreaking relationships, too, trying to find love. Except the difference is that I didn’t have a million cameras documenting my darkest nights or seeming never-ending heartbreaks. We’ve all been there. It’s called growing up and trying to find who you are, how you love and your place in the world.

On further analysis of Lohan’s chart, I can see some strain on her relationships throughout her life. Her Moon, representing her inner emotional life, is in a fight with her natal Venus, meaning that she can be terribly charming, but she can have a reluctance to opening up after being broken and experiencing deep sadness in close personal relationships. Her Venus is linked with her Uranus, showing that she craves stimulation and excitement in her relationships too, which on one hand can bring lots of fun, but also lots of drama. When her connections are still, it can create anxiety that something is wrong beneath the surface. She’s a tremendously passionate person and a deep thinker, having intense analytical abilities and ways of communicating.

Lindsay Lohan twins it up in the 1998 flick “The Parent Trap.”
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However, she can become obsessive with her ideas, too, and with her Sun across the sky from her natal Neptune, she can sometimes prefer to “slip from normal reality” in order to escape when things get too tough. This isn’t a bad thing, because it can make her highly brilliant in art and working with others. She certainly has a magical quality to her — which is one of the reasons people have been so intrigued by her since her big-screen debut in 1998’s “The Parent Trap.”

But when this energy has gone too far, it likely created periods in time where she became extremely paranoid, living in delusions and prone to intense addictions. But who is to blame, really? The stars? Astrology shows the predestined likelihood of factors taking place. But, to be honest, I blame the media and the world for pushing her to those points, rather than fate.

I think when/if I meet Lohan someday, I’ll look her in the eyes and tell her: “You have the strength of a lioness to go through all of that and still be here now. And that is what makes you so special.”

What lies ahead for Lindsay Lohan?

A stylish Lindsay Lohan checks out a 2019 Derby Day event in Melbourne, Australia.

LBR: I really wanted to dive into the astrological compatibility of Lohan and Sammas because the stars never lie and we’d get some beautiful insight about the connection that they share. (Hey! Lindsay! Shoot me a DM and I’ll offer your first reading as an engagement gift. You’re welcome.) Unfortunately, at the time of this publishing, we were not able to confirm Bader Shammas’ birth date — so, sadly, we’ll have to leave that out for now.

Lindsay Lohan, 35, became Instagram engagement official with American financier Bader Shammas.

I will say this, though: I have done thousands of readings thus far and know that every single zodiac sign match can work. Even the ones that are challenging. Zodiac sign compatibility is much more than just Sun sign matches — as we have to look at the full picture.

As for Lohan, there are a lot of reasons the stars have been moving in her favor when it comes to relationships. First off, in 2018 (the year they began dating), Saturn, the planet of karma, moved across the sky from her. On one hand, that could be a sobering influence that makes it feel a little harder to form partnerships. However, it can also work to establish relationships of permanence, too, as Saturn is the planet that creates forever connections. You need a strong alignment of Saturn in a significant relationship chart.

Also, around that time she began to experience destined eclipses in Cancer (her Sun sign) and across the sky in her solar sector of partnership — triggering fated connections in her life. That continued until the summer of 2020. Next, Jupiter — the planet of luck — danced across the sky from her in 2020, too, bringing even more union and affinity to the connection. To say that this connection was “written in the stars” is an understatement!

Lindsay Lohan can be terribly charming, but she can have a reluctance to opening up after being broken and experiencing deep sadness in close personal relationships.
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Fast forward to November 2021, when Mars, the planet of passion, is racing through her solar sector of true love. This turns up the heat and momentum! Also, with a powerful eclipse in Taurus activating her heart’s most important hopes and dreams, she is beginning a whole new cycle where she spends more time enjoying life and experiencing things that had been previously kept from her.

Plus, Jupiter and Saturn are spinning in her sector of intimacy and shared assets in 2021 — with Saturn to remain there until 2023 — bringing her a closer synergy of having all of her needs met. Not only is she healing past relationship traumas and fears of vulnerability, but she is able to trust more deeply because of it.

Mars, the planet of passion, is racing through Lindsay Lohan’s solar sector of true love.
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With mighty eclipses highlighting her heart’s euphoria, I will go as far as to say that this connection is a karmic relationship and she was destined to meet him then, destined to fall in love more deeply than ever before and is destined to continue to learn and grow beside him.

Let’s support them in this. They deserve it. Congratulations to Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas!

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