It’s Taurus season! The bull’s beauty, finance, fitness and more 2022 trends

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Welcome to Taurus Season, where we fully experience the beauty of Spring! The mighty Sun will dance into the fields of Taurus from April 19 until May 20. Represented by the strong and sturdy bull, Taurus as a zodiac sign teaches us that in order to live the life of our dreams, we must build it.

Slowly, patiently and steadily, we can turn our hopes into a tangible reality where we revel in the abundant pleasure and success we have worked toward. As the second zodiac sign on the wheel and a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus fully embodies the bloom of Spring and is the pure embodiment of this season.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus takes joy in passion, pleasure, romance, art, beauty, luxury and sensuality. This zodiac sign also rules wealth, resources and possessions, meaning that during this period of the year we can plan for the long-term and begin to see rewards for our efforts.

Take a deep dive into global trends and predictions for what’s hot—and what’s not in Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair, & Finance (Cryptocurrency & NFTs!) and Beauty for Taurus Season 2022! Do not miss it! Be sure to follow me, all my favs and everything in pop culture astrology to stay in the know!


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WHAT’S IN for Women’s & Men’s Fashion: Nothing embodies the glamour, romanticism and beauty of Taurus Season better than the red carpet! While the 2022 awards season has ended, there was no shortage of sensual and gorgeous fashion that harnesses luxurious Taurus energy.  I’ve gathered the best of the best that highlights Taurus opulence from the 2022 awards season. My wrap-up includes this season’s top performers in Valentino, Armani Privé and Louis Vuitton.


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WHAT’S IN: Our Taurus Season pick is “As It Was” by Harry Styles.

“In this world it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was.” The very romantic yet melancholy song speaks to a love that he’s looking back on, whilst knowing it’s time to move on.

“Nothing to say when everything gets in the way, seems you cannot be replaced.” This sums up poor Harry’s predicament. Draped in a bouncy 80’s synth pop wrapper with a super chill dreamy vocal, “As It Was” has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes it the official Craig J pick of the month.


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WHAT’S IN: Here’s your Taurus season fitness tip: Squat to Reach. This is a great movement for mobility as well as getting a nice warm up in the shoulders and legs. Enjoy!

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Don has previously spoken with the New York Post in regards to being a superhero trainer for mega stars such as Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Women’s Hair Trends

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Rapunzel Hair with actress Anne Winters @annewinters – Cut and styling by Brandon Liberati @BrandonLiberati

Power Bob on reality star Mercedes Javid @mercedesjavid – Cut and styling by Brandon Liberati @BrandonLiberati

Sweeping Side Bang on actress Naomi Grossman @naomiwgrossman – Cut and styling by Brandon Liberati @BrandonLiberati

WHAT’S IN: Take the bull by the horns… or the hair this spring and try one of these hottest hair trends this Taurus season!

Rapunzel Hair: This is for those of you that want to be a little more conservative like your Taurean sisters and aren’t ready for a big chop this spring. Extremely long hair is  in! And if you want more locks, try some Hairtalk Extensions!

The Power Bob: It’s Taurus season, so show how powerful you are with this blunt bob with razor-sharp ends and a strong middle part.

Sweeping Side Bangs: The side-swept bang will battle the middle part this spring, so go against the herd and be adventurous.

Men’s Grooming & Hair Trends

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Taurus men’s hair and grooming is all about playing to your strengths, says celebrity hair stylist Kristan Serafino. @SerafinoSays @TheBestPaste

Taurus men’s hair and grooming is all about playing to your strengths, says celebrity hair stylist Kristan Serafino. @SerafinoSays @TheBestPaste

Taurus men’s hair and grooming is all about playing to your strengths, says celebrity hair stylist Kristan Serafino. @SerafinoSays @TheBestPaste

What better way to refresh your look than growing out your hair during a season of romanticism, sensuality, strength and desire: Taurus Season! If growing out your hair seems like a daunting process, consider changing your facial hair. If you are clean-shaven, wear some scruff. If your beard is longer, trim your beard or try a goatee or mustache.  Romance comes in many ways!

Serafino Says Pro Tip:  When growing out your hair, try new products for a different shine level and finish.  You will love my favorite hair paste: the Best Paste!

Kristan Serafino has recently worked with Ryan Reynolds, Danny Devito, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Richard Gere!

Beauty & Make-Up

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WHAT’S IN: Encompass the earth elements of Taurus season by adding some gemstone shades to your makeup routine this spring! Tap into some sapphire or emerald liner for a striking and opulent look!

Hollywood and mainstream make-up artist Lizzy Polanco channels Taurus season beauty! @Lizzy_Lawless

Finance & Cryptocurrency

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Amanda Maxwell, cryptocurrency investor, has all the tips on wealth! @AMKMaxwell

WHAT’S IN: It’s Taurus Season and what an interesting time we have ahead! Yours truly is a Taurus (so I may be a little biased) but I believe this month will bring a lot of calm and reflection. The current market in crypto has been trading mostly sideways these past months and it has left a lot of us wondering when we can see better movement. Here’s the thing when it comes to investing: patience is key!

People love to forget that fun fact, especially in crypto when it has become normal to see something four times in a day! However, during this period, you need to remember why you chose to invest and renew your passion for whatever it is you invest in. Tap into some knowledge and use times like these to sharpen your skill and reflect. These are not down times, but times to rise up, channel the Taurus energy and take the bull by the horns. Use this month to work on your mental strength to face uncertain times! Also, if all else fails, don’t forget to HODL.

Special Tip: In down movements, sometimes it’s best to just close your portfolio and focus on something you can control more. One of the best pieces of advice I can give within crypto is to not panic buy or sell! This is the biggest trap, and exactly what whales want you to do. You have to channel Taurus energy and not give into the games. Do not buy high, do not sell low. Mindset is key, and can make or break you as an investor.  

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.

Happy Birthday season to Amanda, who is a Taurus! Enjoy the abundance of Taurus Season! You heard it here first.

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