Top 5 Gus Van Sant Films, Ranked

You always know when you’re watching a Gus Van Sant movie. His camera techniques, directing decisions, and story content are unique to him. For decades, Van Sant has created a collection of films to entertain and make us think. At the same time, the director is not afraid to take risks like casting an ensemble of unknown actors in the Palme d’Or winner &#65279Elephant&#65279, or making a shot-by-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Like every director, some of his films may not have been for everyone. But it goes without question that his style and talent have proved him as one of the greats. Among his collection are some of the most highly regarded films of his generation. &#65279

Van Sant was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and from a very young age, had a strong interest in painting and filmmaking. His passion for the arts brought him to the Rhode Island School of Design where he majored in painting. His eye for detail and design can clearly be seen in all of his films. Van Sant has created shots so beautiful that they could be mistaken for paintings. Soon after attending college, he switched his major to filmmaking. The intuitive director spent time in Los Angeles where he studied disadvantaged sections of the city and was inspired to make his directorial debut, &#65279Mala Noche. From there, Van Sant’s career took off and he has since been telling deep stories exploring topics of love, violence, self-acceptance, and much more. If you are looking to explore the filmography of Gus Van Sant, you might want to start with these five films. &#65279

5 5&#65279Elephant &#65279

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