There’s a sex toy for ‘Succession’ fans who are hot for cousin Greg

“Succession” fans now have another way to become even more obsessed with the show.

An adult sex toy — affectionately titled “Greg the Egg”— is now available for viewers.

The device is programmed to “pair” with Lovense brand sex toys and then vibrate every time awkward “Succession” character cousin Greg — played by Nicholas Braun on the HBO drama — is in a scene.

“The sex toy can be paired with a number of things and controlled remotely,” CamSoda VP Daryn Parker told The Post. “For example, you can pair it to sync with music. In the past, CamSoda has had fun pairing it to things like the volatility of crypto currencies. For the Greg the Egg offering, since we don’t have the show in advance, we are going to have someone control devices remotely. So, when Greg appears on screen, we will trigger all the devices that registered to participate to vibrate.”

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of “Succession” on Sunday, Oct. 17, adult entertainment company CamSoda has partnered with Lovense to provide vibrations (and sexual pleasure) every time the cousin Greg pops up, so to speak.

“The love and admiration for cousin Greg has reached a fever pitch. He’s everyone’s favorite character on ‘Succession,’” a representative for CamSoda said in a statement. “Since he has become so popular, he has turned into an internet-fueled sex symbol. Even Tom knows. He said you can’t have a Tomelet without Greggs.”

The rep added that the company “wanted to provide people with an outlet to orgasm to cousin Greg while he graces them with his presence every Sunday evening this fall,” adding that they “developed ‘Greg the Egg – cast’ to do just that — turning ‘Succession’ into ‘Sexsession.’”

CamSoda has ventured into creating pleasurable toys inspired by other viral events, too. The company recently nabbed headlines for its rocket-themed dildos inspired by billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceship.

The “Succession” toy is the latest edition of CamSoda’s “Cast” series. The product line has paired sex toys with the volatility of cryptocurrencies, team performances in the Super Bowl and more.

So does cousin Greg himself know that he has a sex toy modeled after him?

Nicholas Braun's awkward cousin Greg apparently has some "Succession" fans hot and bothered.
Nicholas Braun’s awkward cousin Greg apparently has some “Succession” fans hot and bothered.

It turns out Braun, 33, is well aware. According to Vanity Fair, he said that a friend forwarded him the press release for the product.

“I think, uh … Is it a compliment?” the actor told the outlet.

“That’s such an intimate thing to do with yourself — or with another person participating or watching. So the fact that ‘Succession’ and Greg can be on their mind as that’s going on, it’s not something that any of us expected,” the “Zola” star added.

“Oh my god, I wish I didn’t know about this,” he mused.