Hollywood Foreign Press Association Appoints External Members to Board of Directors

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has appointed Joanna Dodd Massey, Sharlette Hambrick and Jeff Harris as external members of its board of directors.

The new members will be responsible for overseeing the ongoing reform plan to restructure the organization that awards the Golden Globes, along with increasing accountability, ethics and greater inclusion of the diversity of world journalism.

“This inclusion of these experienced professionals from outside the HFPA completes one of the most important commitments the members made earlier this year to open up and listen to other points of view and input,” said Helen Hoehne, the association’s recently-named president.

Harris, a non-profit executive, is in charge of JB Harris Consulting which was founded to support organizations bringing programs and resources to BIPOC communities. Hambrick, an entertainment industry executive, is the CEO of Y-Tulip Productions with previous roles including being a producer at Entertainment Tonight. Dodd Massey, a C-level communications marketing executive, has advised teams at Fortune 500 companies and is an author and corporate speaker.

In May, the 85-member HFPA announced a timeline that would overhaul the organization by creating five pillars of change: accountability, membership, inclusion, good governance/ethics and transparency. All new board members will undergo diversity, equity and inclusion leadership training for their respective roles.

HFPA membership approved a new set of bylaws codifying the reform measures, including the addition of three non-members to its board. Under its new bylaws, the HFPA board serves as the principal policy-making body for the Association with authority over governance, settling politics, financial matters and the selection of its professional staff.

The HFPA will continue to accept applications from prospective new members until Friday.