Christopher Nolan Making Film About Development of Atomic Bomb for Universal

Christopher Nolan’s World War II film about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb will be made by Universal Studios, marking the first time in several pictures that the director has not filmed a movie at Warner Bros.

The director had been talking to several studios in recent weeks about the possibility of backing his drama, which carries a $100 million budget. Sony and MGM Studios were also in the mix, and Nolan did have talks with Warner Bros., but the relationship with his former studio home had grown strained. The director was upset by Warner’s decision to release its entire 2021 slate concurrently on HBO Max and the studio was none to pleased with his public comments to that effect. Nolan’s last film “Tenet” was released in the middle of the pandemic and was a box office disappointment, but his track record of making hits like “Dunkirk” and “The Dark Knight” is strong enough to have drawn interest from several backers, including streaming services. Nolan was insistent that the film have an exclusive theatrical release.

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