All of Mockingbird Lane Is Being Built for The Munsters, Rob Zombie Shares His Plans

The Munsters director Rob Zombie isn’t just rebuilding the Munsters house for his movie, he’s constructing all of Mockingbird Lane. Previously, Zombie revealed the blueprints to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the home that houses our favorite monster family. Looking to stay faithful to the original TV series, Zombie says he’s looking to make the house “exact,” and it shows with the blueprints’ attention to even the most intricate details.

So, we know The Munsters home will be specially built for Zombie’s movie, but the filmmaker is actually going to go much farther than that. On his personal Instagram account, Zombie posted a new image of a dirt lot in Budapest, revealing that this would be the “future home of Mockingbird Lane.” He also attached a brief video showing how the actual street will look once it’s built using computer graphics, announcing that he’s going to also build all of Mockingbird Lane along with the Munster family home.

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“We aren’t just building the Munsters house. We are building all of Mockingbird Heights! ???? It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it,” Zombie says in the caption.

Rob Zombie had recently been in Budapest to scout locations for the movie, and in some of his other posts, he teased some of the other sights we might be seeing. When it comes to Mockingbird Lane, however, Zombie clearly wasn’t willing to settle for another location that might have looked similar to the original TV series but wasn’t quite right. Building the entire street goes the extra mile toward ensuring the movie aligns perfectly with Zombie’s vision, which seems to be making the movie as faithful as possible.

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten a first look at some character designs in other posts. Zombie has shown artwork of the sleepwear for Lily and Herman Munster, and though they’re just illustrations of the characters, they appear to more-or-less look like how they did on the original TV series. Another photo shows a wig resembling Grandpa Munster’s hairstyle, showcasing the actual construction of the wardrobe as well.

Now, we’re waiting on some official casting announcements for the cast of The Munsters. According to the original report that first broke the news at Murphy’s Multiverse, Sheri Moon Zombie was attached to star as Lily Munster, and given her frequent collaborations with her husband, this certainly seems plausible. Sheri has not officially confirmed this casting, but she has also posted about the movie’s production on social media to keep fans updated.

Jeff Daniel Phillips, another frequent star in Rob Zombie’s movies, has also reportedly been cast as Herman Munster. Richard Brake and Dan Roebuck have also been attached in undisclosed main roles alongside Lost star Jorge Garcia and legendary horror host Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson will appear in a supporting role. As with Sheri Moon Zombie, none of this has been verified by Zombie or any of the actors themselves.

As of now, a release date hasn’t been set for The Munsters, but there are rumors of a simultaneous release in theaters and on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. More updates are likely coming very soon as Zombie continues to update his fans on the movie’s progress.