Game of Thrones Fans Question Why Lena Headey Never Won an Emmy

Lena Headey is trending with Game of Thrones fans praising the actress for her unforgettable performance as Cersei Lannister. This weekend marked the fifth anniversary of the popular episode “The Winds of Winter,” which featured what some would say was Cersei’s greatest moment in the entire series. Universally acclaimed, that episode is also one of the highest-rated of the show, with a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a very rare 9.9/10 rating on IMDb.

Fans especially loved Lena Headey in the episode, and looking back at “The Winds of Winter” has thousands of fans praising her performance as the iconic villain. In retrospect, many are also wondering why she never won an Emmy for the role. Headey was nominated on five separate occasions for playing Cersei on the series, but not once did she ever get the honor, nor did she win a Golden Globe.

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“I’ll never understand how Lena Headey didn’t win multiple Emmy Awards & Golden Globes for her phenomenally evil portrayal of Cersei Lannister,” tweeted one fan who loved to hate the character. “I despised the character for her cruelty, while admiring her intense loyalty & badass scenes at the same time.”

“still cannot believe lena doesn’t have a emmy for her performance as cersei…sick,” tweets another fan.

“lena headey being nominated for an emmy *5 times* for her portrayal cersei and not winning once.. someone needs to be tried in court for that,” says another fan. Perhaps it could be a trial by combat?

Someone else said, “cersei trending as she should! even though she has never been my favorite character i’m still mad that lena headey never got an emmy for this role cause it was one of the best performances in tv history.”

“lena headey should’ve gotten more than a few emmy’s for her portrayal of Cersei because i genuinely have never hated a character for the right reasons more than her,” laments another fan.

And another fan agreed by tweeting, “Lena Headey not having an Emmy for her portrayal of Cersei Lannister will always remain the most dreadful thing to me. Every time I am reminded of it, I feel sick to the core. Pure horror!”

Overall, Game of Thrones did win a record 59 Primetime Emmy Awards of 161 nominations, even if none of them went to Headey. The only cast member to successfully win an acting Emmy was Peter Dinklage for his role as Cersei’s brother, Tyrion Lannister. Recently, Tyrion was also trending on Twitter as thousands of fans named him as the HBO character they would most enjoy having dinner with.

It really doesn’t feel right that Headey wasn’t able to procure a single Emmy for the amazing work she did on Game of Thrones. For what it’s worth, the fans know that she was clearly deserving of the honor, and even as years pass by, she’s still getting celebrated for it. You can revisit her performance by watching the entire series of Game of Thrones on HBO Max, and you can see what other people are saying about the role on Twitter.