What Loki Kickstarting the Multiverse of Madness Means for MCU Phase 4

For months now, MCU fans have been eagerly waiting for the multiverse teased in Doctor Strange 2‘s title. It was widely speculated that Wanda would set it off in Disney+’s WandaVision and Doctor Strange will be left cleaning her mess. And though she didn’t, the end credits of the finale made it look like that she is going to kickstart it sometime in the future. But quite unexpectedly the second episode of Loki brought us the magnificent spectacle of the creation of the multiverse! Hopefully, you have many burning questions like how Wanda factors into the chaos waiting to happen, why Lady Loki bombed the Sacred Timeline, and above all, what is really going on because we may have the answers to your queries. Warning: Spoilers below if you’re not caught up with the latest episode of Loki yet.

Instead of dragging the plot of revealing the identity of the villainous entity in the cloak killing TVA agents, Loki instead opted to drop the veil in its second episode itself. It was revealed that the Loki variant is not just a differently dressed or a buffed-up God of Mischief but him in the female form. She had been killing TVA Agents and stealing their reset charges so that she could detonate them all to bomb the Sacred Timeline at various points at the same time, rendering it impossible for the TVA to end them all in time.

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Yep, the Multiverse has just been born.

So, while Lady Loki’s arrival was expected, her creating the multiverse was &#65279not. We were so sure that Wanda, with her newfound powers and a still imbalanced psyche, would be the one to do the honors. Does that mean she is not instrumental in any way in causing the multiversal madness in Doctor Strange 2?

So, Wanda won’t be causing the multiverse?

The answer appears to be a big “No.” But that doesn’t mean she won’t be the reason it totally spins outs of control. At the end of WandaVision, we saw Wanda going through the Darkhold in her astral form when she hears her twins, who were seemingly erased out of existence when the Hex collapsed. Maybe some bigger, meaner power is manipulating Wanda or those voices were really of Billy and Tommy. Either way, Wanda is going to tear apart the universe which has now branched into multiple timelines in search of her children while the Sorcerer Supreme will be trying to sew back its scattered parts.

She was already more powerful than the rest of the Avengers and now as the Scarlet Witch, her powers will probably be too much for Doctor Strange to handle and subdue on his own. If the multiple leaks about Spider-Man: No Way Home are true, perhaps the reason Strange won’t be able to rein in the multiverse by the time the events of the film unfold is Wanda’s continued attempts at ripping through the universe to get her children back.

Why did Lady Loki bomb the Sacred Timeline?

While it will be sometime before the motive behind Lady Loki’s actions is revealed, it has been established that it doesn’t concern any version of Loki. We think that when Lady Loki told Loki that whatever she is doing “isn’t about you,” she wasn’t merely pointing him out but every iteration of the Asgardian Prince including herself which means she didn’t just set off the multiverse for her own selfish reasons. She has a bigger purpose.

Out theory? The Time-Keepers aren’t the heroes, in fact, they don’t even exist anymore.

Given MCU’s history when it comes to shady organizations masquerading as the good guys, our theory is that the Time-Keepers aren’t really the protectors of the Sacred Timeline but are manipulating it for their own gain. Perhaps the “branch timelines” they nipped would have actually ended their reign or revealed their sinister schemes? In fact, we believe that the three ancient Time-Keepers have ceased to exist a long time ago and now the TVA is being run by some bigger and evil entity, perhaps Kang the Conqueror.

And unlike the comics, Lady Loki isn’t the villain here- Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 song “Holding Out for a Hero” playing while she slew TVA agents can’t be coincidental. She has had the first-hand experience of the trickery and evil plans of these so-called preservers of the original timeline. While the TVA agent she had captured has already revealed the location of the Time-Keepers, it is possible that a major portion of the TVA workers and Lady Loki are unaware that the three ancient beings are not in charge anymore.

Also, Lady Loki didn’t just randomly bomb the Sacred Timeline but picked certain moments where she wants the “unexpected” events to happen. Of course, the added perk of her actions means that the majority of the TVA Agents, including Judge Ravonna Renslayer (who btw is romantically involved with Kang the Conqueror in the comics), will be busy trying to reset the timeline and stop the various timelines from branching beyond a point where they can’t be erased. This will allow Lady Loki to easily attack the Time Variance authority’s headquarters or wherever the Time-Keepers or whoever is really running the TVA is hiding. But it is obvious that the different years and locations she picked for the branch timelines, like 2031 Vormir, 1382 Ego (Star-Lord’s real father), and 2004 Asgard, are integral to whatever she is planning.

All that is certain for now is that Lady Loki just set off the chaos destined/rumored to take place in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. And who knows, maybe she just brought the X-Men into existence? If only Hulk could see this version of Loki now…this one ain’t the “puny God” he pummeled like a bag of potatoes, this one changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the complex web of the multiverse!

The latest episode of &#65279Loki &#65279is currently streaming on Disney+ with weekly episodes debuting on the streamer every Wednesday.

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