Keith David Fans Celebrate the Iconic Actor on His 65th Birthday

The one and only Keith David has just turned 65 years old, so fans of the veteran actor and voiceover artist are celebrating the occasion. With a vast variety of roles over the past few decades, Keith is particularly loved by horror fans for his roles in classic movies like The Thing and They Live. He is just as appreciated for his many voice roles as well, which includes playing the fan favorite Goliath on the cult classic animated series Gargoyles.

In honor of David’s birthday, there are fans paying tribute on social media. On Twitter, one fan said, “It’s Keith David’s birthday today so show some damn RESPECT to a man with the craziest range!”

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The Humanoids from the Deep Dive podcast tweeted: “#BOTD: Keith David, the golden voice behind so many different characters and character actor for many genre films and beyond, as well as resident favorites The Thing and They Live. The Humanoids wish him a very happy birthday!”

Another tweet reads: “It’s Keith David’s birthday today!! He did such an amazing job playing Bolo and is such a talented actor and VA! So glad he was in FS!!”

Including a GIF of David in The Thing, another fan writes, “Happy birthday to the iconic voice of animation, video games, and commercials, as well as one of the best, and most diverse, actors of the modern era, Keith David. Seen here in his first major film role, John Carpenter’s The Thing.”

“Happy Birthday to actor, voice actor and producer Kevin David,” says someone else, adding a photo of David posing with his Emmy Awards. “He has appeared in numerous Film/TV/Voice projects including The Thing, Platoon, They Live, Pitch Black, Dead Presidents, Armageddon, Princess Mononoke, Requiem for a Dream, Gargoyles, 21 Bridges, Crash, among others.”

Another fan of David’s voiceover work adds: “Happy birthday to the magnificent Keith David, the voice of Goliath (Gargoyles), Al Simmons/Spawn (HBO series) and Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)! Enjoy your special day, sir! Congrats!”

“The legendary #KeithDavid has a birthday today!” another tweet reads. “What’s your favourite role of his? He is royalty in horror, SciFi, video game and animated voiceover work and he’ll always be Child’s in The Thing for me!!”

And another tweet from Fangoria reads: “Happy birthday to the man with the voice of Horror – Keith David! Whether The Thing or They Live or even Gargoyles, Mr. David is such an icon across multiple genres.”

David continues to act frequently in various projects on the big and small screens. He was recently seen in the horror movie The Seventh Day with Guy Pearce and Stephen Lang, and will appear in the upcoming comedy Unplugging with Eva Longoria and Lea Thompson. The actor also voices Kind Andrias Leviathan on the Disney series Amphibia, appeared in a recent episode of Shudder’s horror series Creepshow, and reprised the role of Spawn of the video game Mortal Kombat 11.

Let us join the crowd in wishing Mr. Keith David a very happy birthday! You can celebrate the occasion by watching Gargoyles on Disney+, or you can take your pick of any of his other projects over this lengthy career. There’s also more birthday messages to David to see on Twitter.