Funko Celebrates Funkoween with New Horror Pop Figures and Masks This Halloween

Halloween is almost here. In 4 short months the spooky season will be upon us. Have you started planning out your costume this year? You may want to look into Funko Inch’s newest Funko pop product. These aren’t the vinyl figures however, these are masks that look like your favorite Funko Pop figure.

A line of Halloween characters Funko calls Funkoween are coming just in time for the spooky season this year. These new pop figures include the iconic clown from the hit movie It (Pennywise) , Ash from Evil Dead, a new version of everyone’s favorite Cheshire Cat from the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland, and many more. Not only did they reveal the new pop line, they revealed the next costume for this Halloween season. Funko announced a line of masks that resemble your favorite iconic Funko Pop. Now you can can look like the Pennwywise the clown Funko Pop, Batman, Stay Puft from Ghost Busters, and many more.

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Funkoween - Carrie - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - Leatherface - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - Sam Trick R Treat - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - They Live - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - Masks - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - Masks #1 - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - La Llorna - Funko Halloween 2021
Funkoween - Universal Monsters Golden Books - Funko Halloween 2021

If you are not aware of what Funko Pops are here is a little history lesson of this pop culture phenomenon. In 1998 a toy line was created by a man named Mike Becker. Mr. Becker didn’t initially create Funko Pops. He had a line of bobble head figures and other items based around pop culture such as Popeye, cereal brand mascots, and superheroes. In 2005 Brian Mariotti bought Funko from Mike Becker, and brought Funko into the future.

5 years into being CEO of Funko , Mr. Mariotti created a new type of collectible. One similar to the bobble heads, but they didn’t bobble. Debuting at the San Diego Comic Con he Revealed a vinyl figure, that is 3.7 inches in height, and comes in an array of pop culture figures. What makes these stand out is their only shaped head. The heads are usually a giant rounded square with big black eyes, and no mouth. Funko Pops can take form in anything regarding pop culture such as superheroes like Superman, or real life heroes for example Wild Life conservationist the late Steve Irwin.

These days you can’t even go into a comic book shop, or even a retail store without seeing these vinyl figures. What’s next for Funko Pop you may ask? In 2019 Warner Brothers announced that they were working on a feature film centered on the Funko Pop Vinyl figures. Not much is known about the plot. What we do know is that the screen play is being written by Teddy Newton. You may recognize his voice in films such as Disney/Pixar’s Up and Wall-E.

Funko has taken over the collectable market in 10 short years, and has proven a spot in pop culture history. From Backpacks, phone cases, and t-shirts Funko Pop is her to stay, and they are just getting started. Are you a collector of a Funko Pop figures? Will you put on a Funko Pop mask this Halloween and or Comic Con and join the legion of collectors?

Funko Halloween Masks - Funkoween
Funko Halloween Masks - Funkoween #2
Funko Halloween Masks - Funkoween #3
Funko Halloween Masks - Funkoween #4
Funko Halloween Masks - Funkoween #5
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