Army of the Dead VR Experience Hits the Road This Summer

While there are many people who probably believe that Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead is over when the credits roll, that is not entirely the case as soon fans of the zombie apocalypse can become part of it with a brand new virtual reality experience – Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance.

Based on the epic new movie from Justice League director Snyder, Viva Las Vengeance is an experience like no other, which puts players right in the middle of the blood and guts zombie action. As the tagline says, they supply the headset, you supply the headshots. And for anyone who has played the likes of House of The Dead and other first person shoot-em ups, this takes virtual reality to a whole other level as you ride through a dead-infested wasteland.

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The experience has been developed by Netflix, Fever, Pure Imagination Studios and The Stone Quarry, and will be touring America this summer, starting in New York before moving through Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington DC. Other cities to be added to the tour include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Diego, Seattle, Orlando, Atlanta and Philadelphia, as well as the VR experience moving on to London in England, Paris in France, Madrid in Spain and Berlin in Germany.

To unveil the visually stunning VR experience, Zack Snyder appeared in a video to advertise the coming event, announce what to expect and give a first look at it in action.

“I’m so excited to finally announce that this summer we’re taking Army of The Dead on the road,” he says in the video. “This summer you get to join the Las Vengeance team as we give you the opportunity to put on a headset, pick up a weapon and go behind enemy lines in a truly immersive experience to bring home some Vegas survivors.”

He goes on to say that tickets and venue information can be found at, before a preview of the all-out zombie war kicks in. Taking place on a bus, with barred windows and blood splattered d&#233cor, the look of the thing is immense. Combining that with a virtual reality headset that brings the dead right into your face, and weapons that you control in the virtual Las Vegas world, this is going to be mind-blowing for fans of the movie and indeed fans of immersive horror experiences in general.

The first tickets will be released on 3rd June at 10am EDT, and there is a waiting list that can be joined at the website to find out when your nearest city goes on sale. With over 72 million already having streamed the movie on Netflix since its release a few days ago, there is going to be a high demand for the event, so make sure you get in quick of you want the chance to blow away the undead from the back of a moving bus, just like they would do on the big screen. The teaser video can be watched in full below.

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