Sucker Punch Stars Support #ReleaseTheSnyderPunch

When Warner Bros. gave in to pressure and allowed Zack Snyder to release his cut of Justice League, it opened up the floodgates on other potential old Snyder movies that could receive the same treatment, and now, his 2011 epic adventure Sucker Punch is being added to the list.

The list of titles that are being called on to receive the “Snyder cut”, is a constantly expanding beast, and if every movie on the list was to be revisited by Snyder then it would be a lifetime work on its own for him to complete all of the requests currently out there. So having Sucker Punch added to the list is probably just another sound bite that will not amount to anything much. Despite that, ScreenRant reported that two of the movie’s stars would be more than happy to the director’s cut of the film, which according to Snyder himself does exist in a similar fashion to the Justice League cut that started the whole movement.

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It was during an interview that Snyder first revealed that a director’s cut of Sucker Punch does exist and was considerably different to the original theatrical release seen in cinemas ten years ago. This was enough to cause a flurry of Twitter noise from fans who attempted to start a movement with the purpose of getting the presumably longer cut of the movie out of the vaults. While it did not gather the instant viral momentum of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, the new tag of #ReleaseTheSnyderPunch has gained some celebrity support in the form of Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish, who added their weight behind the tag on Twitter and Instagram.

Sucker Punch received a lukewarm reception when it was originally released, and while it pleased a small faithful fan base and gained something of a cult following over the years. The movie tells the story of Babydoll, a girl wrongly convicted of murder and locked in an asylum. Her escape leads her through a number of different fantasy environments ranging from sci-if to medieval. The film only just made back its $82 million budget, and general consensus from critics was not exactly glowing with praise.

For that reason alone, the likelihood of Sucker Punch “The Snyder Punch” actually seeing light of day is quite low. The length of time since the original release would mean that unlike Justice League, the new cut would need to be put together from old footage abandoned from the theatrical release, which in turn would need a reasonable amount of additional sound and video editing and enhancement to bring the whole thing together. It seems like a lot of money and effort for a movie that didn’t exactly create a memorable impact the first time around. Even with the enhanced appeal of Snyder’s current wave of popularity, it would be very hard to promote a movie like that and gain a sizeable return on the cost and work that went into it. However, in these days of streaming, where there is a demand for exclusive content and only so much time to make new movies and shows to meet it, we should really never say never. Keep an eye on the #ReleaseTheSnyderPunch tag to see if it’s new found allies help it gain any more traction over at Twitter.