Sebastian Stan Suffered a Serious Injury on His First Day Back as The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has become a huge hit for Disney+, and now many of the cast members are discussing their time filming the series. In a Just for Variety podcast, star Sebastian Stan (the Winter Soldier) talked about how the show was a huge undertaking for Marvel Studios and that filming did not go exactly as planned for him. Stan revealed that on the first day of shooting, he turned his ankle and had to keep it on ice in between takes. The news comes to us from Instead of delaying filming, however, Stan decided to keep going and use brief rest periods to heal his foot. He explained,

“I just landed and twisted my ankle so badly that I thought it was broken. Like I actually couldn’t walk on it. In between the takes when we had to do the set-ups, I would run upstairs and two people would help me out of this boot and I would just take my foot and put it in a bucket of ice.”

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Despite the injury, Stan was able to film several episodes while in legitimate pain. Production for the series paused near the end due to COVID-19, so it’s likely Stan was able to finish the series with a healthier ankle. But filming any amount of scenes with a turned ankle is quite the feat (pun absolutely intended). Thankfully for Stan, his sacrifice would end up being more than worth it as the show became a huge hit between fans and critics alike.

Both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier won big at the MTV Awards last weekend, with both shows taking home some of the biggest prizes. Falcon and the Winter Soldier won Best Hero (Anthony Mackie as Captain America) and Best Duo (Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as Captain America and the Winter Soldier respectively). During the weekend, Mackie had only nice things to say about his co-star after he learned about Stan’s turn as Tommy Lee in an upcoming Hulu series. Mackie said,

“I was really surprised and impressed that he was able to do it. I was horrified. I was like, ‘What are you doing?! You’re playing Tommy Lee?’…It’s just humbling when you see your friend and he succeeds. And he crushed it. He was really able to transform and that’s every actor’s dream…People being able to see him for the chameleon that he is, not just a beautifully amazing blue-eyed god that he is. It’s very refreshing.” Mackie’s words further prove the bond between the actors and shows just how proud Marvel actors are of each other. It makes it seem like Stan’s foot injury was more than worth pushing through.”

All six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are currently streaming on Disney+, along with all nine episodes of WandaVision. More Marvel series in the works are Loki(coming June 9), What If (rumored for August), Ms. Marvel (rumored for Fall), and Hawkeye(rumored for late 2021). All shows will release episodes exclusively in Disney+. This news arrives via