Will Dane DeHaan Return to the MCU as Green Goblin or Is He Ready for a New Thing?

The long-awaited Spider-Man: No Way Home is getting ready for release at the end of the year, which will probably integrate all the live-action Spider-Man universes while simultaneously expanding the horizons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are still speculations growing on whether the previous incarnations of Spider-Man, portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, will appear in the third solo MCU entry for the character, however, Dane DeHaan, who played Harry Osborn’s version of Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 says he’d rather invest himself into new characters in the different Marvel franchises rather than taking up the same role again.

Talking to ComicBook.com, when asked about returning to Spider-Man or taking on a new franchise, he replied, “I would definitely hope to take on a new thing, for sure. What’s exciting to me is always doing new things, and I’m sure something like that will come along again in my life, and I’m excited to see what it is.”

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Dane DeHaan’s portrayal of Green Goblin wasn’t really a conventional one in comparison to the character’s comic book approach; however, he did a pretty amazing job with it and gave Harry Osborn a new arc. The duality of his portrayal, a combination of Harry’s vulnerability and Goblin’s cynical personality gave certain depth to his character and ultimately set up the future of Sony’s then-planned universe surrounding Spider-Man and associated characters.

Unfortunately, Sony canceling future plans on The Amazing Spider-Man series and the new deal with Marvel Studios led Dane DeHaan out of the franchise and since then, the Spider-Man stories have taken a new turn to fit the ongoing lore of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Notably, Spider-Man: No Way Home will feature two previous villains from different corners of the Spider-Man universe showing up to conflict with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Dane DeHaan has explicitly denied any involvement with the project. And if he does not appear in No Way Home, we might not see Harry Osborn in live-action for a long time as Marvel Studios currently has no official plans for the character of Spider-Man himself for that matter after No Way Home. However, Tom Holland appearing as a supporting character in any other MCU entry in the shared continuity is another possibility.

Currently, Dane DeHaan is gearing up for the premiere of his upcoming Apple TV+ series, Lisey’s Story, based on the literary work of Stephen King. Also starring Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, and Sung Kang, the show will follow Lisey (played by Moore) who has to deal with unwanted attention from a stalker who has been obsessed with her husband’s work. The show is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on June 4.

Watching Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin was surely a treat in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And the final sequence of the film featuring Harry assembling Sinister Six gave major goosebumps as it hinted towards a massive franchise shaping up around Sony’s take on Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy’s death caused speculations of its own. Unfortunately, we won’t be ever getting that back; what’s worse is that Dan DeHaan might probably not reprise his role as Green Goblin ever. Well, never say never!