George Lucas Said No When Seth Rogen Asked for a Seat on His Apocalypse Spaceship

Seth Rogen, the actor/writer/director behind hits such as Superbad and This is the End, has detailed a pretty bizarre encounter he had with George Lucas nearly a decade ago. Rogen met the Star Wars creator during a meeting that had been set up with Steven Spielberg, one of Lucas’ close friends and collaborators. Things got so strange that, at one point, Rogen and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg asked if they could take a ride on Lucas’ spaceship, to which, he firmly said no.

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The story was told on a recent episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast Conan Needs a Friend. Seth Rogen was promoting his new book, Yearbook. As Seth Rogen tells it, the encounter happened at the beginning of 2012. As some may recall, the Mayans had, at one point, seemingly predicted that the world would end that very year. It didn’t. Per Rogen’s account, things started out normal enough.

“Me and Evan [Goldberg] were called into a meeting with Steven Spielberg… We got to the meeting and we were waiting in his office for him, it’s like a doctor’s office. They take you in first and you wait for them to come in. And he came in with George Lucas! It was mind-blowing. They’re there together. It truly, for a nerdy kid, one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my entire life. At which point, Spielberg, if I recall, is kind of making phone calls and doing some stuff. He’s like, ‘I need a few minutes,’ as George Lucas sits down and talks to me and Evan.”

Things did not stay normal for long. As it happens, George Lucas did, indeed, think the world was going to end. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg couldn’t help but poke around in this area a bit.

“Very quickly, the conversation turns to, ‘How’s it going?’ ‘Not great. We’re nearing the end of 2012 and the world is gonna end.’ Essentially. To which me and Even are like, ‘Is he joking?’ A question that still haunts me to this day, I think I know the answer, is, was he joking? I really don’t think…it did not appear he was joking.”

The duo then decided to prod George Lucas about this further. Things got increasingly strange from there. Lucas apparently didn’t put Skywalker Ranch on the other side of a major fault line by accident, according to Seth Rogen’s account. Things hit a bizarre head when they asked if they could have a ride on Lucas’ spaceship to avoid the end of the world.

“We [made] a joke like, if you’ve got a spaceship to escape Earth, can we get a seat on that thing?. And he was like, ‘No.’ Again, it makes me think he wasn’t joking because, if you were joking, you would just say ‘Yes’ to at least placate us to grant our wish to go on the spaceship. But, no, he said, ‘No.’ To this day, I am confounded and plagued by that story. I don’t know if he had a spaceship.”

Another interesting wrinkle is that 2012 is also the year George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney for more than $4 billion. Not for nothing, but that would go along way towards building a spaceship. You can check out the full interview clip from the Team Coco YouTube channel.