Netflix Sets Stockholm as its Nordic Hub, Copenhagen as a Satellite Office

Netflix will open a Nordics office in Stockholm, Sweden, that will serve as the hub for the region, in the second half of 2021. The streamer will also have a small team of employees based at a satellite office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Announcing this in a blog on Thursday, Lina Brouneus, Netflix director of acquisitions and co-productions, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, wrote: “Netflix has always felt at home in the Nordics. It was one of the first places outside of the U.S. where we started making local original shows, and over the past nine years we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most brilliant creative talent in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.”

“By the end of this year nearly 70 original titles coming from the Nordics will be available on Netflix – films and series that have been enjoyed by the four million-plus members across the region as well as our members right around the world. In fact, almost two thirds of our members globally have chosen to watch a Nordic original film or series – made in the Nordics, watched by the world,” Brouneus added.

The executive explained that the Nordic hub would allow Netflix to strengthen its creative and cultural partnerships across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, and commission even more local stories.

Netflix’s Nordic offerings include Swedish series such as “Quicksand,” “Love & Anarchy” and “Snabba Cash”; Norwegian series “Ragnarok” and “Home for Christmas”; three seasons of “The Rain” and newly-announced series “The Chestnut Man” in Denmark, and later this year “Katla,” a sci-fi thriller series from Iceland. In 2020, the streamer released “Cadaver,” the first Netflix film from the region, and upcoming films to the service include “Dancing Queens,” “Vinterviken,” “Against the Ice,” “Troll” and “Black Crab.”

Netflix’s European offices include Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, London, Paris and Brussels, with Rome and Istanbul opening later this year.