#IStandWithRayFisher Trends After Cyborg Actor Claims DC’s Geoff Johns Threatened His Career

Ray Fisher, the actor behind Cyborg in Justice League, has finally revealed details behind allegations made against Joss Whedon and Warner Bros. executives. Fisher, for nearly a year, has accused Whedon and executives at the studio, such as Geoff Johns, of inappropriate behavior during reshoots on the movie that took place following original director Zack Snyder’s departure. In the wake of these details, #IStandWithRayFisher has begun trending on Twitter.

Fans have rallied on social media in support of Ray Fisher following a wide-ranging report that was recently released. Fisher is still not willing to name names, as he doesn’t want to get anyone fired, but the actor did shed a lot of light on his account of the reshoots. This, in turn, prompted the hashtag to trend. One Twitter user, going under the name sabrina, said the following in support of the Cyborg actor.

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“I just want to take a minute to say that Ray Fisher is one of the strongest and bravest and purest people ever, a true hero on and off screen to stand up for himself and anyone else affected. He deserves the whole world. We are with you! #IStandWithRayFisher.”

Up to this point, much of Ray Fisher’s allegations had been vague. Even following an internal investigation conducted by Warner Bros., the specifics of Fisher’s issues were largely unknown. But in this interview, the actor explained that executives were trying to lighten the tone of Justice League by bringing Joss Whedon in and they didn’t want “an angry Black man” at the center of the movie. Geoff Johns also requested that Fisher play the character less like Frankenstein and more like Quasimodo. This, after much of the character’s backstory was axed in the theatrical version. A representative for Geoff Johns said this in response.

“Geoff gave a note using a fictional character as an example of a sympathetic man who is unhappy and has an inclination to hide from the world, but one whom the audience roots for because he has a courageous heart.”

There were also issues over the studio wanting Ray Fisher to say the line “booyah,” which became associated with Cyborg thanks to the popular Teen Titans animated series. Fisher explained that “It was like he was assuming how Black people would respond rather than taking the advice from the only Black person” who had any say in the project. The line wasn’t in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Things ultimately escalated to a meeting with Geoff Johns and others at the DC offices in Burbank, California. As Fisher recalls, “He said, ‘I consider us to be friends,’ which he knew we were not, ‘and I just don’t want you to make a bad name for yourself in the business.'” Fisher, it is said, took that as a threat. A rep for Johns says he never made a threat but did express that creative differences typically are not brought to the head of a studio by an actor’s agent.

Another major issue is Cyborg being axed from The Flash solo movie. Ray Fisher had been slated to appear in the movie, which is now in production. But Warner Bros. tried to frame the actor’s two-week shoot as a “cameo.” This, in turn, meant that Fisher would only have been paid a fraction of what he would have otherwise. Many fans took issue with this and expressed a desire to see Fisher return to the role. For now at least, it seems Fisher’s time in the DCEU is done. But he has garnered a great deal of support from fans. This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.