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Our vocal lessons provide an excellent foundation for absolute beginners as well as for those who have had vocal training.

You will learn how to use your voice in a healthy way, while exploring and extending the range of sounds / vocal styles that you can achieve.

Your voice will grow in strength, flexibility and musicality, giving you a sense of control and confidence when singing.

If you are a little nervous, don’t worry as this course focuses on singing as a group. You may, occasionally, be asked to sing alone in order to check the correct application of techniques.

Whether you are tone deaf, or terrified, or just want to explore your voice a little more, then this is the perfect place to set your singing voice free.

Vocal Skills Development

Each week will begin with a thorough vocal warm up before going on to develop your key singing skills.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right first time around, it’s all about practicing and enjoying singing together.

The musical repertoire is varied and will be chosen from many different styles to reflect your instructors vocal expertise and the taste of the group. Styles include: Musical Theatre, pop, rock, soul, jazz, folk and light classical.

Exact content may differ depending on your needs and course duration, but topics generally covered include:

A basic understanding of the workings of the vocal mechanism

How to achieve a good quality vocal performance while using your voice in a safe and healthy manner

Application of some fundamental acting through song techniques

Application of fundamental techniques to a simple song – repertoire: a pop/easy listening song

Working on a challenging group number