Image Development

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Image Development

Developing your personal or artistic image, confidence and brand for life!

Posture & Body Language

  • Learn how to walk confidently into a crowded room, party, job interview etc.
  • Correcting any manner and posture concerns
  • Posture – walking, sitting and standing
  • Learn the art of positive body language, charisma, greeting people
  • How to personify a positive attitude


Fashion & Wardrobe

  • The right clothes for your body type, personality and life-style
  • How and when to use accessories
  • Dressing on a budget
  • Mixing, matching and coordinating your wardrobe with style
  • Dressing to suit the occasion


Personal Grooming

  • Hand and nail care
  • Hair care and product selection
  • Hair styles to enhance and flatter your features


Social & Business Etiquette

  • Table manners and dining out formal and casual
  • Making formal introductions
  • Telephone/mobile and social media etiquette
  • In Person Meeting Etiquette
  • Style and manners for formal occasions such as galas, weddings, dinner parties etc.


Speech Enhancement

  • Diction, voice projection and modulation
  • Public speaking skills
  • Breath control and relaxation techniques


Communication Skills

  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Starting and maintaining a conversation
  • Knowing what to say and how to say it
  • How to be an effective listener
  • The art of a good handshake
  • Assertiveness (includes skills on handling bullying and difficult situations)
  • Self-awareness


Health & Emotional Well-Being

  • Developing self-esteem and a positive body image
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy eating plan
  • Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle
  • Tips on nutritious alternatives for snacks and fast foods
  • Building resilience and self-acceptance


Interview & Resume Writing

  • Preparing your résumé
  • Interview skills; questions and answers
  • Dressing for success
  • Making a positive first impression


Photo Posing

  • Learn how to move, pose and be photographed to ensure the best results
  • Participate in a professional photographic session resulting in gorgeous photographs – ideal for your portfolio


Television Modeling

  • Hands-on workshops in television hosting, commercials and presenting
  • Preparation for television auditions and screen tests


The Red Carpet Final

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and first impressions matter.  From your walk to the center of the red carpet, your hair, your makeup, grooming, posture, pose, wardrobe and accessories are as equally important as your smile.  Learn how to incorporate all lessons learned throughout the course to ensure an unforgettably stunning Red Carpet special moment.